How to learn Russian

It's not easy to learn foreign languages without any help. We are here to help you in this process.

We are still working to make this website as helpful for you, as it should be. To make your search easier we want to introduce a map of this website, which we believe will help you to find the section you want to discover.
So, how to learn Russian using this website? One of the options - you can read a page 'learn Russian', where you will find easy steps you can follow. Alternatively, you can do it your way and  find a section you want to use first in your learning process. All these sections are created to make your learning comprehensive, so try to use all of them.

Russian alphabet

In this section you will find how to learn Russian alphabet. We included there  a lot of information about  letters and sounds of the Russian alphabet.  Each page will give you an opportunity to practise pronunciation of the Russian letters. Also you will find poems, which include several words with the particular letter, so you can see the difference between Russian sounds. Finally, you can practice to write these letters, using  our whiteboard.

If you want to recap your knowledge you can go to the summary of the Russian alphabet

How to learn Russian

This section is designed to challenge you, using our vocabulary we offer you to translate lyrics of the Russian songs and then make up your own sentences. Therefore you will learn new Russian words and will practise to build your own sentences. Using this section as a tool to learn Russian you will make your learning process enjoyable.

Guide for Russian learners

To make your learning diverse on our website we include the section Russian literature. So, how to learn Russian through Russian literature.
First, you can find here the poems of the most famous Russian writers - Alexander Pushkin, Mikhail Lermontov, Marina Tsvetaeva, Anna Akhmatova, Sergei Yesenin. Additionally,  you can find some facts about these writers and also you are able to listen to their poems. Eventually you will be able to broaden your knowledge of  the Russian literature.
You can discuss your favorite Russian writers or show your translation of  the Russian poems using our forum Russian literature.
Thinking about more advanced students within this section we are created some pages of comprehensive reading. You will be offered to listen the text (War and peace) or read it and then answer on some questions to check your understanding.

Learners’ Needs

Even though we are still working on this section you can  learn Russian grammar using our dictionary. In the future we are planning to integrate simplified Russian grammar pages.


Here you can find some information you can use visiting Russia. We included a map page with four radio stations, so when you are discovering Russia you can listen to the radio. Also there you will find information about Russia's museums, shopping places and one more map with distance calculator (works just with Cyrillic).

Russian lessons

Russian lessons for beginners - this section contains lessons, which are linked together. So, step by step you will learn Russian grammar and how to build sentences in Russian. No matter you are visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner, our lessons are designed to help everyone.

In addition, each lesson includes a section, where we learn new  words, to help you to memorize these words we use music clips with these words. That's why our lessons are so special; our lessons not just educate you, but also entertain. 

Guide of Russian Television

Discover Russian television programs, practicing your listening skills and find your favorite one

How to learn Russian

Here you can practice your listening skills and learn Russian watching Russian movies

How to learn Russian words.

This section we are the most proud of. It includes a clip, which will help you to remember a new word, related words, sentences with these words, audio files, some grammar rules and quizzes.

For example if we are talking about word девушка. First, what you will find on this page are related words, diminutive form of this word, synonyms and  also characteristic of this word. Then you will find a music clip with this word, which is meant to help you to memorize this word and learn pronunciation of this word.

As you know, there are grammatical cases in Russian language and our next section includes declension of word девушка. Russian grammatical cases are the most difficult topic in the  Russian grammar, we know it from our experience. That's why we believe that the next section is exclusive. This dictionary helps you to see the difference between sentences in which the same word is represented in different  cases, also you can find audio files of these sentences, so you can learn pronunciation.

In addition you will find the link to letter Д (in this case) to find more words with this letter. On some pages we are still working, some of them finished already.


Chat room is a place, where Russian learners can meet each other to practice their speaking skills. Also in here you can find language exchange partners.  If you want to find someone, but there is no one at the time when you are learning, you can leave a message. 

how to learn russian

This section is for those, who are ready to test their knowledge. These quizzes will cover different skills. You can also use these questions to practice your Russian.  

Guide of Russian forum

Forum for Russian learners - in here you can share your experience between each other, tell your stories, discuss common mistakes in Russian. We included various topics you may be interested in: Russian jokes, Russian literature, Life in Russia,  Russian movies, Russian music, Travel. Also you will find transcription for some comedies.  You can share your pictures, translation and any information, which would help other learners.

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russian movies

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